My name is Ron van Leeuwen, born a son of a blacksmith, with a piece of iron under my bed to get use to the smell!
This resulted in a continuation of the profession for four generations, in which men with an ‘iron strong’ drive, supplied for the ‘famous’, but also just as well for the much ‘less known’ Dutchmen, a property separation, though not yet with electronically driven camera security.

Many of our clients have in the previous years, pushed their limits by means of a second income in foreign countries.
Through business, and a trusted cooperation, we were asked to secure their international possessions.
This is the beginning of
"Van Leeuwen International".

We supply the fence work and window security
, with a guarantee of many years against rust. We place these by means (or not) of a local contractor.
This we do in any country of your choice. Naturally are our propositions completely optional.

And we can create, by means of computer software, a realistic drawing of your wish.
Also, your foreign friends are more than welcome to request an offer. I will come, after our first acquaintance, to the place of interest to discuss the further plans and measure the certain areas.

Call, fax, or send me an e-mail and let me convince you that a pure Dutch product can work more than satisfactory on an international level.



Ron van Leeuwen.

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